Take a look at how different people have responded to these questions and challenges, and their reflections and thoughts. And if you have some thoughts of your own and would like to share them with us, we’d love to hear from you! Just contact us at singapore@odb.org

“Yes, I want to go back, but . . .”

– Poh Fang, 40s, staying with 2 elderly parents

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“I miss the physical gatherings, but…”

– Sing Chyun, mid-40s, married, two kids

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“Should I bring my children back to church?”

– Ian, mid 30s, second-generation Christian, married with 2 young children

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“Do I really have to go back to church?”

– Leslie, late 40s, married

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“Going back was an uplifting experience!”

– Malcolm, 39, married

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