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Should I quit my job?


COVID-19 has increased stress levels at work and left many more people feeling dissatisfied with their jobs. If you’re thinking of quitting, consider taking a fresh perspective of the “curse” of work and check out some practical tips on changing jobs.

It is good to be near God


The disruptions and isolation of COVID-19 can affect our mental health, leaving us feeling overwhelmed by change and uncertainty. But God assures us: He is near us.

Beyond Masks and Sanitisers: How to Stay Really Safe


The key safe practices help protect us from COVID-19. They could protect us spiritually, too.

How long, O Lord?


As if the fears and anxiety caused by COVID-19 aren’t bad enough, many of us are now struggling with fatigue. When will all this be over?

These days are written in His book


How can we go on with all the changes, disruptions, and uncertainty wrought by COVID-19? The answer lies in the comforting knowledge of God’s sovereignty.

God of all comfort


In these trying times, what we need is the comfort and assurance of God’s presence. And that is exactly what He gives us today.


As believers, we are called to play a role in helping victims of violence in spiritual and practical ways.

Mdm Tang Ah Chang's testimony


Madam Tang Ah Chang suffered at the hands of an abusive husband. Watch this video to see how God worked in their lives.

Video Devotion

Some days are so tough that we feel we don’t have enough strength to get through them. Watch this 2-minute video to see how we can get a divine boost.

Video Devotion

When Things Are Uncertain

“Why is God allowing everything to fall apart around me?” Watch this 2-minute video for the answer that one man received when he asked God this question.

Video Devotion

How to Win the Fight Against Fear

What fears are you facing today? Watch this 2-minute video for a comforting reminder of how we can place our hope in God.

What kind of vaccine do we really need?


What Kind of Vaccine Do We Really Need?

The race is on to get protection from COVID-19. But there is also another insidious problem that needs a solution.

Finding strength in the midst of trials

5-Day Reading Plan

Finding Strength in the Midst of Trials

Invite your friends to join you on this easy reading plan to discover how you can find joy, peace, and hope in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Why people are finding it hard to read the Bible


Why People Are Finding It Hard to Read the Bible

Keeping our daily devotion going when we feel swamped can be a real challenge. Robert M. Solomon offers some ideas and tips to stay on God’s Word.

5 steps to handling money well


5 Steps To Handling Money Well

With the COVID-19 recession expected to last for some time, hanging on to salaries and savings will be tough. Here’s 5 thoughts to keep in mind.

In His Presence: Spending time with God booklet download


In His Presence: Spending Time with God

Sometimes the hectic demands on your day can crowd out your time with God. Find out how you can keep your appointments with God despite the distractions.

How do you love God?


How Do You Love God?

COVID-19 can pose a challenge to our Bible reading and worship of God. One writer reflects on how we can continue to love God in this time.

How can you respond to job loss


How Can You Respond To Job Loss?

Retrenchment can hit a person not only emotionally, but socially and spiritually, too. Here’s some ways to cope with these aspects of job loss.

7 truths to anchor your faith during job loss


7 Truths to Anchor Your Faith During Job Loss

God’s Word offers comfort, assurance, and hope in times of trouble. Find strength in these 7 truths from the Bible.

Finding Comfort, in God


Taking Comfort, in God

Shaken by upheaval at her workplace, a reader shares her experience of God’s comfort from an unexpected quarter.

Ants on a trail


Ants on A Trail

A reader discovers God’s presence and assurance on a trail disrupted by the coronavirus.


Learning to Be Still

A reader finds the joy of being still and calm in the Lord, and recognising His blessings in her daily life.

ODB Covid: Going the distance Practices to strengthen your faith


Practices to Strengthen Your Faith

A new booklet offers useful practical and spiritual exercises to toughen up your faith. One reader explains why she recommends it.

ODB Covid: Life In The Time of COVID-19: What Will You Do Differently?

Devotion Submission

Life In The Time of COVID-19: What Will You Do Differently?

Snap a photo, share a devotion with us!

Jasmine Goh - Is it okay if i want things to remain as they are


Is It Okay If I Want Things to Remain as They Are?

After her initial struggle with strict COVID-19 restrictions, one person discovers the value of taking life at a different pace.

YMI Article: My Pre-Covid-19 Self, From 2020 Me


To My Pre-COVID-19 Self, From 2020 Me

A hindsight perspective of the coronavirus offers useful biblical lessons to get through the crisis.



Is There Such a Thing as Job Security?

An experience with joblessness helps a worker discover the source of true security in the midst of a recession.



Our Daily Commute Playlist

Got a long bus or train journey to work and home every day? Make it a time of praise, reflection, and prayer with this especially-chosen songs.



2 Verses a Day to Anchor Your Faith

Spend a few minutes meditating on Psalm 46 this week, and discover wonderful words of reassurance and comfort.



5 Ways to Max Out Your Train (or Bus) Ride

Back to the daily commute? Here’s how you can make your travelling time count.



Book by Book Devotional

Explore the “songbook” of the Bible and let the heartfelt cries and praises to God reflect and transform your walk with Him.


What Do You Mean, I’m Not Essential?

Some jobs and roles may seem less important than others in the eyes of the world. But what does God think?


5 Ways to Make Good Use of Your Annual Leave

That dream trip overseas may be out of the question for now, but there’s other ways to enjoy yourself. And who says it isn’t biblical?


3 Reasons Why We Will Emerge Stronger After COVID-19

Our churches, nation, and society have been battered by the storm, but not defeated. And here’s why we’ll come out even stronger.


3 Things I Learned When I Was Jobless

Find comfort and hope in the Word of God in this time of uncertainty and worry.


A Unique Job Offer

Amid the uncertainty of job security today, we can take heart that one calling of ours will always remain secure.


3 Ways to Live by Faith Amidst COVID-19

A worrier discovers truths that help her battle her anxiety and fears.


4 Steps to Fight Feelings of Helplessness

What can you do when everything seems out of your control?


5 Idols Not to Return to When COVID-19 Is Over

Everyone’s talking about a “new normal” when the coronavirus saga is over. But that makes me wonder, so what was the “old normal”? What did we believe in and rely on that we shouldn’t any more?


Why Can’t We Learn To Do Nothing?

Working from home can end up with us becoming even busier. Perhaps we need to learn how to rest in the Lord.


Why I Volunteered to Help at a Migrant Worker Dormitory

Despite the risks, this young woman felt convicted by God’s call to care for the foreigners and the needy.


5 Unexpected Lessons COVID-19 Taught Me

After contracting COVID-19, Our Daily Bread author Marvin Williams discovers new insights about God and his own faith.


What Will You Do When the Circuit Breaker Ends?

Will you be getting a bubble tea or a kopi? Or will you be giving a smile?


Working from Home: Does It Count As Working for God?

Robert Solomon relooks the idea of vocation—from God’s perspective.


7 Habits to Cultivate During the Circuit Breaker

Over the next seven days, we will be sharing short 2-minute articles on how you can start 7 new habits during this Circuit Breaker. Read, act, and share!


Keep Your Distance

Safe distancing in Covid times is a must—and so is spiritual distancing for all times, notes a pastor.


Lockdown Essentials: What Could Christians Be Doing Now?

God can work through you in the Covid-19 pandemic. Here’s 10 things you can do.


Don’t Waste the Lockdown

Being stuck at home gives us an unusual opportunity to review and refresh our walk with God.


The Church Is Closed, But Where Is My Heart?

Can we worship God even when we cannot attend church? A pastor reflects on his own feelings.


Jazz Stay Faithful

Lockdown days starting to feel the same? Jazz up your week with these familiar songs of praise that’ll fix our gaze on our Creator and His sovereign plans for the world.


3 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever

Feeling cooped up? Here’s how you can cope.


COVID-19 and Spiritual Health Check

The COVID-19 has changed our daily lives. What about our spiritual lives?


Nervous about Coronavirus? – Psalm 56:3

How can we trust in the One who calms our fears? How can we find hope in the perfect love of our faithful God? Find comfort in Psalm 56.


Spiritual Stockpiling: Storing Up For Hard Times

Stockpiling is important . . . when it comes to building up a spiritual reservoir to draw on when times are tough.


Why in the World Is There Suffering?

Pain is part of the Christian life. But God also gives us hope for the future.


All The Bad News May Be a Good Time to Reflect on Our Faith

The COVID-19 outbreak could be a prompt to think about how we trust and rely on God.


Plagues, Quarantines and Lent

Discover how we can keep our eyes on Jesus in a time of plagues and lockdowns.