Habit 1
Choose Joy

Read: Psalm 33
The earth is full of his unfailing love. —Psalm 33:5

By Anne Cetas

I was taking yet another walk by myself on yet another day during the COVID-19 quarantine when words written on a driveway caught my attention. Choose joy. Write down here what you’re thankful for. A container of sidewalk chalk sat nearby. Among others, these answers had been scribbled down by passersby: food, a home, my dad and mom, my dog, candy, and God’s love. The driveway was filled with words of gratitude.

Filled with words of gratitude. The unknown writer of Psalm 33 had a heart like that. In this psalm, he thanks God for His character and “unfailing love” (vv. 4–5), His majesty in creation (vv. 6–7), and His blessing on His people (v. 12). He praises God for His knowledge, His care, and His power (vv. 13–19). The psalmist saw that the earth was full of God’s goodness, and he reminded his fellow Israelites: “He is our help and our shield. In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name” (vv. 20–21). Charles Spurgeon wrote about these verses: “Our soul, our life, must hang upon God; we are to trust him . . . with all we have and are.”

God gives us many reasons to have a heart like the psalmist’s that’s filled with gratitude. May we trust Him, give Him the praise He deserves, and “shout for joy” (v. 3).


What are you shouting for joy about today? Read the psalm again to help get you started.


God, You are so good to me. I thank You for…

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