With our “normal” dramatically changed by Covid-19, it can be hard to get a handle on life. But there’s a powerful truth that keeps us steadfast.

It is a brand new year, but it’s not a good start: countries around the world are fighting the resurgence of Covid-19, and a new round of lockdowns has become a thing of necessity.

Earlier this month, South Korea extended its curbs in the greater Seoul area to cover the whole country, and banned gatherings of more than four people. Closer to home, Malaysia has just declared a months-long state of emergency to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

While life in Singapore has returned to some form of normalcy, we are living in a new normal. We still can’t travel. We still can’t meet in large groups. Many people are struggling with financial stress due to job cuts and income losses, and some are coping with mental health issues resulting from being cooped up at home and worsening family relationships.

As we struggle with these challenges and changes, may we remember this wonderful truth from Psalm 136:1: “[God] is good.” Not “will be good” or “has been good”, but “is good”.

God is good when we can feel His goodness. And He is still good even when we can’t. He is good when we are surrounded by the love and kindness of family and friends, and He remains good when we are lost in grief and loneliness. Whether we are dancing on a cloud or crying into our hands, the character of God never changes.

Our circumstances can vary widely during the course of our lives, but our God always remains the same. His love for us never fades. He never tires of showering us with His affection. He will never become bored of our company. And He will never be unfaithful to us. God can be trusted. He will never fail us, forsake us, or give up on us.

No matter what you are going through today, remember that it has all been filtered through the caring hands of our good, loving Father in heaven. Take heart, for His love endures forever. Remember, God is good. So we can “give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever” (Psalm 136:1).

As we praise God for His goodness, let’s also intercede for our loved ones, friends, and those in need. As people in our neighbouring countries face another lockdown, let’s remember them in prayer. Here’s how you can pray:

Loving Father, our almighty King and Saviour,

how awesome are Your works.
Even when we cannot see Your hand,
we know You are at work on our behalf.
You answer our prayers in righteousness
and in Your perfect way and timing.
Reassure us of Your love and presence.
Remind us that our every breath is Your gift to us;
and that Your eyes are always on us.
Thank You for Your love and Your grace.
How could we ever live without You?
Be our Rock today, we ask. To Your glory, Amen.

O Lord, how we need You!

You are our help and our deliverer,
our Rock on whom we stand.
Show us again the joy of Your salvation,
the freedom of Your forgiveness,
the strength of Your grace,
the rest of Your unending love for us.
We run into Your arms again, Father,
just to be held by the One who will never leave us or forsake us.
You are our hope, joy, and strength.
Praise Your name, O Lord! Amen.

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