Catherine Nai's handwritten submission

Catherine’s handwritten submission

During the COVID-19, I have learned to be more relaxed and to take time to talk to God more. I have read my devotional from Our Daily Bread daily and responded if possible.

Time at home can be useful and I have been able to do a lot of things during this season, like housework, read the Word of God, listen to online messages, call friends to share and chat about what I learnt in today’s lesson. Sometimes, I prayed for people who needed prayer, too.

I also learned to be still in the Lord—not to rush things, which I often do.

COVID-19 has been hard for me. I am not working, because the student care centre is not operating and I am not able to work from home. But I can say that I’m so blessed: God sent people to provide me food.

Firstly, my godson’s wife cooked dinner at least four times a week. I stay in the same block, on the same floor as he does. What a joy that God put us together as neighbours.

My neighbour beside me also blessed me with desserts she made. And my friend from the 13th floor cooked lunch for me at least twice a week.

This happened during the Circuit Breaker. What a blessing from my beloved God that He provides for me.

I really do enjoy the times I’m able to rest and take a short nap, have a coffee to relax, and watch TV too.

Learning to be calm is sometimes not easy, but I have tried to discipline myself. Since COVID-19 started and the Circuit Breaker, I’ve been doing my morning exercise daily, rain or shine. If it rains, I will climb the staircase instead.

God has been good to me, taking care of me, and giving me the energy to go on. Praise the Lord!

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