Some months back, we asked you to send us your prayer requests. If you have, please be assured that we’re keeping you in prayer, and you’re on our hearts.

One of our staff who read the prayer requests was moved to pen a note of encouragement.

Dear E,

Thank you for sharing your prayer requests with me. I’m sorry to learn that you are going through such a tough time. I can’t imagine the amount of stress you and your spouse are facing as you worry about your young children while looking for a job. You must feel very troubled and overwhelmed by your situation.

As I prayed for you this morning, I was reminded that when Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He taught them to address God as their “Father” (Luke 11:2). Isn’t that amazing? He could have picked “Lord” or “Almighty God”, but He didn’t. It reminds me that the Sovereign Creator of the universe is our Father. And our Father God loves us dearly: He cares for you and me deeply, and He will not allow us to shed a needless tear, nor to suffer unnecessarily. Our Father knows your needs, and He is concerned about you.

This thought ministered to me as I prayed for you, and I hope that it can minister to you, too. I know God our Father will hear our prayer, and He will act according to His wisdom and love for you. Whatever is for your benefit, He will surely give.

So, with this confidence, I asked our Heavenly Father to “give us each day our daily bread” (v.3). May our good and loving Father provide you with all that you need for each day to honour Him and do His will. If you need hope so that you can continue to be the pillar of strength for your family, may He richly supply you. If you need money to buy something for your children, may He provide, too. In all aspects, body, soul and spirit, may our Father supply your daily needs.

May you rest in God’s power and presence when worries threaten. He has chosen to love you and He calls you His child; He will lovingly meet your needs. As His child, you can confidently place your trust in Him who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Dear E, you are in my constant thoughts and prayers.

Yours truly,
Chia Poh Fang

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