COVID-19 has disrupted our plans for life—from marriage and home renovations to travel and gatherings. What assurance do we have of God’s perfect timing?

Debbi Fralick

Almost exactly 25 years ago, my wedding was abruptly cancelled with six weeks to go because of an immigration issue. I was devastated. We managed to make new arrangements, but none of my friends were able to attend, and only a few family members could.

Since then, this story has lain dormant in my memory. Now, quite unexpectedly, it has become a source of encouragement.

During the coronavirus and the months of lockdown, the same thing happened to my eldest daughter: her wedding was postponed. To add to the obvious disappointment, she was left with a long list of uncertainties: When would they be able to hold the wedding? Would it happen before her rental agreement ran out? If not, where would she live? Would they lose the money they had paid? And on and on . . .

When I told my daughter that I’d been there, she knew it was true. When I said that the Lord would work everything out in the end, she recognised that I wasn’t just saying empty words. My own experience gave me credibility when I spoke into hers. The hope I proclaimed was genuine and tested.

God’s plans are never disrupted. In fact, the promise of His Word is that “in all things [including a global crisis] God works for the good of those who love him” (Romans 8:28).

The difficulties we are experiencing today are hard for each one of us and our families. Few of us feel prepared for the burden that has been placed upon us. Yet, it will be a source of hope and encouragement to others in the days and years to come. Each bit of suffering we endure—no matter how painful or life-altering—will be used by God for our good, and for the good of those we love. That’s one of the greatest blessings of knowing Christ: nothing is ever wasted.

As we navigate our families through all the difficulties we are facing, we can be reassured that God is at work for our good. This season will produce in us His grace, compassion, and love with which we can spur our loved ones on.

Adapted from He Hears Us, published by Our Daily Bread Ministries 2020.

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