Dear Mum,

Mother’s Day is here again!

We’re sorry that we’ve often taken you for granted. We’re so used to having home-cooked meals every day, having our clothes washed and folded, and having our home kept clean, that we forget just how much effort it takes.

And yet, in this time of Covid-19, your job as a mother just got a lot more challenging.

Not only do you have your normal chores, but now, you also have the entire family stuck at home with you! Because of the “circuit breaker” restrictions, we can’t eat out and the queues for takeaways are long, so you’ve been cooking for us nonstop. And instead of being thankful, some of us can only complain, “Why are we eating this again?”

And if that’s not enough, you also have to manage your own work . . . AND see to our schoolwork as well! As we know, home-based schooling isn’t just for the kids—it’s you, Mum, who has to remind us to log in on time, to pay attention, to stop fighting over the laptop, and to do our homework after that.

Perhaps one of the hardest things about being stuck at home, Mum, is that you don’t even get a break. Now that the whole family is at home all the time, you don’t get time for yourself. We’re always demanding for more snacks and asking you where we left our stuff, and you probably feel guilty just sitting down to watch a few minutes of your favourite Korean drama.

No wonder a recent survey by the Focus On The Family found the majority of mothers in Singapore stressed out by the circuit breaker. Not only are you worried for our safety, but you also have to worry about our needs at home—on top of your own work and responsibilities. We didn’t even realise that you’re getting less sleep than usual, and feeling blue more often. How much you’ve suffered for us!

So this year, amid this very tough time of Covid-19, we want to thank you, Mum. We want to appreciate you for your unconditional love, for your boundless patience, and your never-ending compassion for us. We want to honour you, for you are nothing less than His precious gift to every one of us.

We believe that God made mums special. “She is worth far more than rubies,” declares Proverbs 31:10.

Indeed, Mum, you are like the wonderful mother described in this passage (vv. 10-31)—the woman who deserves the highest praise for her godliness and dedication to her responsibilities.

“Honour her for all that her hands have done,

and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” (v. 31)


Even if we sometimes forget to appreciate you, God never forgets. He knows what you’re doing. He knows how much you’ve suffered and sacrificed for us, and He knows that everything you do is an offering of the love to Him. He knows that you’ve been the greatest steward that He could ever give to His children.

Thank you, Mum. We love you.

Your children


Declare your love and appreciation for your mum this Mother’s Day! Share a pledge to pray for your mum and tell your mum that she’s in your prayers today—then share it with others to encourage them to pray for their mums too!

Mum, thank you for your care and concern!


Mum, thank you for your selfless giving!


Mum, thank you for looking after our daily needs!


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