Fearfully and Wonderfully Podcast Series

In this 10-part series, award-winning author Philip Yancey shares how the physical body gives us a rich way of exploring how individual Christians can best serve as members of the Body of Christ.

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Part 1

Every Part Of The Body Plays A Crucial Role

Paul calls the church the body of Christ. And every part plays an essential role—even the parts we can’t see! Philip Yancey reminds us that kidneys and other internal organs are crucial to the body’s operation. 

Part 2

Being Made In The Image Of God

Over the centuries, people have spent countless hours pondering the question, What does God look like? But according to Genesis chapter one, the answer might be right in front of us! Philip Yancey explores what it means to be made in the image of God.

Part 3

The Church Should Unite To Restore The Broken

When we experience an illness or injury, our body goes into overtime to fix the problem. And in the same way, the church body ought to reach out and help those in need. Philip Yancey explores how the church can unite together to restore those who are broken.

Part 4

Finding Fulfillment By Giving Of Ourselves

It’s easy to get distracted by the pursuit of stuff, bigger houses, faster cars, better careers. Philip Yancey reminds us that we don’t find fulfilment in life by getting more, but by giving our lives away.

Part 5

Discover The Profound Change The Holy Spirit Makes In The Believer’s Life

Every person is born into this world with a sinful nature. But when we accept Jesus as our Savior, God re-writes our spiritual DNA! Philip Yancey looks at the profound change that takes place when someone receives the Holy Spirit.

Part 6

Rules That Set You Free

Most people have a negative view of rules, seeing them as limiting and restrictive. But according to Scripture, rules can actually set us free to live a more fulfilling life. Philip Yancey talks about what Philip calls “the bones of faith” and how God puts rules in place to protect us.

Part 7

Physical Touch Is An Essential Element Of Jesus’s Healing And Ministry

It’s one thing to say comforting words to someone going through a hard time. But there’s something special about a heartfelt hug or hand on the shoulder. Philip Yancey discusses how physical touch was an essential element of Jesus’s healing and ministry.

Part 8

What Is The Symbolic Role Of Blood In Scripture?

The sight of blood is rarely a good thing—it usually indicates injury or illness. But when it’s in the body where it’s supposed to be, blood is the ultimate giver of life. Philip Yancey explores the symbolic role of blood in Scripture.

Part 9

How Can Pain Be A Gift For Living A Healthy Life?

Most of us live with a goal to be pain-free, unburdened by any physical ailments or conditions. But pain is actually a crucial element to living a healthy life. Philip Yancey discusses the role of pain in both the physical and spiritual realms.

Part 10

“Fearfully And Wonderfully”

The Bible describes Jesus as the head of the church. But it’s a far less glamorous position than it sounds! Philip Yancey looks at how God humbled Himself to save us so that we could demonstrate His love to others.

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