Prayer for the Isolated

Compassionate Heavenly Father,

From the beginning of time You said
That it was not good for us to be alone
We need company and community
But there are those who are now more isolated than ever
During this time
We pray for the lonely, the isolated and the vulnerable
Who feel the strain of this extraordinary solitude
Please be especially near to them
May they feel Your presence
And know that they are not alone
Put them on the hearts of Your people
Who can reach out to them in love
Give them special grace to flourish
In unexpected ways
And may they know You better
And experience Your special unction of grace


Prayer for the Sick

Heavenly Father,

As the number of COVID-19 patients continue to climb
We pray for those in hospitals and community facilities
We look to You as the Creator and Great Physician
You designed and formed our bodies
You know perfectly how they work
And you are the only One with perfect understanding of this virus
And how our bodies respond to it
We ask that You would step in and touch each patient now
Those whom we know and love
And those who we will never know
We pray for your healing touch on their bodies
Turn the tide so that they begin to improve
Strengthen their immune systems to fight off the illness
Bring the needed oxygen back into their lungs
Repair the damage the virus has caused
Bring restoration and healing in every part of their bodies
Comfort and encourage them during this lonely fight
Dissolve their anxiety and loneliness; take away all fear
And grant them the peace that only You can give

Through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen

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