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Habit 4
Be Generous

Proverbs 11:24–25
Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. —Proverbs 11:25

By Patricia Raybon


he rent was due, but the landlord’s tenants couldn’t pay. The husband had lost his job and his wife couldn’t find extra work. Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck, with everyone in their area ordered to stay home. Thus, they all—including the landlord—faced bills. But no one could leave home to earn money.

After praying, however, the landlord waived his tenants’ rent payment. As he said, “Sure, I had bills to pay, too. But I’d hate to see my tenants get sick trying to go out and make money to pay me.” Grateful to God for providing for his own family, the landlord passed on practical love to his tenants.

The result? “Total peace and joy,” the landlord said. “Helping my tenants gave me great contentment.” Even more, “my faith in God has grown,” he said. “When it comes to this year’s bills, I’m no longer worried. The Lord will provide.”

The Bible promises such refreshing faith for those who give loving, compassionate help to others. “One person gives freely, yet gains even more,” says Proverbs 11:24. The contrast? “Another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.” This life lesson goes against logic. But simply helping others always benefits the giver.

“Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” (v. 25). It’s such a simple Bible principle. But when we reach out to help those in need, as with the landlord, we can find that God provides the faith and provision we truly need.


Who in your life needs your practical, loving help? How would your faith in God grow if you offered your loving help to others?


Compassionate God, You own everything, so encourage me to open my hands and give practical help to others. I want to give to . . .

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